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We supply the finest quality hazelnuts & products directly from homeland.

Giresun Quality: "Giresun Quality" hazelnuts are those round-shaped hazelnuts, which grow throughout the entire province of Giresun and in certain districts of Trabzon such as Beşikdüzü, Vakfıkebir, Çarşıbaşı and Akçaabat. "Giresun Quality" hazelnuts are the world's highest-quality hazelnuts. Among the different hazelnut types in the world, the skin of these hazelnuts can be removed at a maximum level.

Levant Quality: This is the common name for all of the Turkish hazelnuts grown in the regions outside of the production area of "Giresun Quality" hazelnuts. These hazelnuts, which are named according to their production areas such as Levant Akçakoca, Levant Ordu, Levant Trabzon, and Levant Samsun, do contain generally more fat and are better in taste than the hazelnuts grown in other countries although they are poorer in fat content compared to the "Giresun Quality" hazelnuts.

Round Hazelnuts: Round hazelnuts are spherical in shape and have approximately the same length, thickness and width. Hazelnuts of this type are mostly medium-sized and high in quality. Their internal yield, fat and protein values are high. Mainly the hazelnuts, which let their skins to be easily removed and which can easily be blanched belong to this type. The round hazelnuts are also suitable for cracking because of their shape. "Giresun Tombul", which is the world's best-quality hazelnut, is also from the group of round hazelnuts. Other types of this group are Palaz, Mincane, Foşa, Kan, Çakıldak, and Kara.

Pointed Hazelnuts: Typically the length of the pointed hazelnuts is a little bit more than its width and thickness. These hazelnut types suffer more from losses during cracking. Therefore it is preferred to market them in-shell. The two main types of this group are named Sivri and Incekara.

Almond Hazelnuts: These are the hazelnuts, of which the length is much more than its width and thickness. They usually are big and large but low in quality. Moreover they are not suitable for cracking and processing. Mostly they are consumed as snacks in-shell and fresh. Two major kinds are called "Round Almond (Yuvarlak Badem)" and "Flat Almond (Yassı Badem)".